Incident #6278

Marc's Journal Entry 4

On the road

What a weird honeymoon this is turning out to be. After coming up through the floor in Jacob’s shop, without obtaining any answers from him about the tunnels or our encounters with what May has started to nickname “Octo-puppies”; we went back to the B&B. Pax was all for leaving, and you could see all over his face that he was hemming and hawing about how to broach the subject to Gertrude. I, impulsively and probably dumbly, brought it up for him, then we backtracked, and it all turned into May and Paxton going to see the town doctor, and Shauna and I along for the ride. Not that the doctor was any real help. He gave both May and Pax sketchy unlabeled bottles of pills right from his office. No prescription. Hubby was smart enough to not take them. May took two and was totally out of it. To the point where Shauna ended up staying with her in her room that night. Something is up with Shauna lately though. She seems a bit more shaken up than need be, even for this crazy situation. Did something else happen? Anyway, after everyone woke up, we fibbed to Gertrude about a day trip to the city, sneaked out our bags with the ruse of a domestic squabble between me and Pax, and hit the road. I can only hope the crazy doesn’t follow us. Day 4 end.



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