Incident #6278

Marc's Journal entry 3

We got out alive

Whoa… where to begin!
After a disappointing and unwelcoming trip in to town we all decided to go through the hedge maze together the other day, and it was fun, up until we all made it to the middle. We all arrived in the middle at roughly the same time, and we all got a weird vibe. That’s when we noticed the bare patch where more garden should be. I poked it with a stick and we were attacked and poisoned by something that came up out of the ground! All I remember clearly about that, is tentacles and fur! Later we came to 40 feet below the ground on the floor of some tunnel! We walked down the tunnel and found a creepy church room with an altar that said something in Latin on it. After that we found two separate ladders, we went up the one that had the wooden ceiling above it, thanks to Pax :-) I picked a good guy! It turns out we were below the workroom of that kitschy shop we were in before! We need to figure out what is going on here, and what the heck is up with this place, and what those things were. Day 3 end.



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