“Welcome to the beautiful [redacted] Bed & Breakfast! Our two level, colonial-style home offers several guest suites, a cozy common parlor/den, and a stately dining area. Take a stroll through our lovely gardens, but don’t get lost in our famous hedge-maze! Meals are fully prepared in our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, using true family recipes and served family style to really help you feel at home. We use sheets of the finest Egyptian cotton and provide daily maid service. Located right on the edge of the full-service town of [redacted], we are clearly the best choice for a pastoral getaway without inconvenience or discomfort! We look forward to making your visit here wonderful!”

- from the [redacted] Bed & Breakfast welcome package

This Portal is a handy reference for members of our campaign group. As the GM, I will strive to keep the Portal as up-to-date as possible. As players, you may earn extra experience points or other in-game rewards for posting things like your character bio/backstory and/or adventure logs. The reward system will be evaluated regularly to attempt to ensure that it is fair and isn’t game-breaking.

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