Incident #6278

Marcus Sandberg's Journal.

Day one.

Arrived late afternoon after a long drive to the middle of NOWHERE. I mean, even if Pax hadn’t forced me to turn off my phone so I couldn’t take work calls (creativity never sleeps), I probably wouldn’t get bars out here in the sticks anyway. The place isn’t so bad actually. At least our room looks out over the gardens and the decor is sort of “Grandma Moses” chic. You can tell the owners love the place even though they can’t remember the uncle they got it from.

The first thing the guy (Harvey? Harry?) said to us when he got over the shock of giving the honeymoon suite to two guys was a warning to stay away from the diner over in Redneckville. Fine by me, Pax picked a nice place and the food is palatable even if the old lady was asking a million questions at dinner. Hubby :-) handled it beautifully when Ms. Nosypants asked him about his face. We had such a nice stroll through the gardens! They even have a legit hedge maze that I want to try out soon! Oh and besides us, the owners and Murder she Wrote, there’s one other guest, a young girl even quieter than us. That suits me just fine though. What with the pressure of planning the wedding, and helping Karl with next winters’ line, I need some peace and quiet.

Day 1 End.



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